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Patrick (Breezy) Garrity

Mixed Act Of Fallings "Losing Height"

Breezy worked hard to get these mixes to the likings of John Braga and Bobby Miller, and that is no easy task.  There were many long nights and mornings with this man.  He pulled through and has made this album a very special one.  Thank you so much for all your hard work! He's a jack of all trades: live audio, protools genius, mix engineer, and production power house.  If you'd like to work with him, email him at

Maor Appelbaum

Mastering Engineer

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A

Jade Vanacore

Vocals on "Beast" & "Veil Of Tears"

This beautiful, talented, gem of a girl, Jade Vanacore, sang backing vocals on "Beast" as well as "Veil Of Tears". Her pure and feminine tone brings a very eerie vibe to these 2 tracks.  Act Of Falling was very lucky to work with such massive talent on this album.  

Cello (Picture Repaint)

Introduced to Bobby Miller by Stefano DiBenedetto from The Hang Productions.  Bobby showed up at Kims apartment with recording equipment and sheet music on a sunday afternoon. Kim was nothing but pro about the session.  Bobby's Cello writing skills were not perfect but she wrote all over the sheet music and executed it perfectly.  This woman knows how to tame a cello but is also an amazing vocalist and song writer.  Please check out her album on Itunes or visit her website to hear for yourself.

Veil Of Tears

This man has been a massive inspiration to me (Bobby) and I've spent many nights falling asleep to the sound of his voice.  I really wanted to incorporate him in this track as his voice fit perfect over the music.  I was so excited when I emailed him and got permission to put this on the record.  For more information on Ram Dass please visit

Michelle Reinfurt

Harp (Veil of Tears)

We really wanted to introduce as many live instruments as possible on this album.  Michelle came down to our studio with her carbon fiber electric harp and tracked this piece over margaritas.  She's a true harp nerd and handled being in a room of gear and dudes like a pro. What was captured was perfect for this track and we are so grateful to her for coming down.

Allie Miller

Cover Art and Photography

Allie Miller hand drew the girl falling on the front of the album "Losing Height".  She also took the photos you see throughout the site.  She is an extrodinary painter and photographer on her off time.  For more information or to contact her, click on her above picture.

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